Sunday, 14 February 2016

The Great Hunter

I'm Wolfie aka The Great Hunter .I may look like a sweet boy but I have the instincts of a Bloodhound.
I like to hunt and catch anything that moves. I am also a mama's boy. My mama's man rescued me out of a wall of a hospital where he worked. My mama and cousins bottle fed me every few hours and saved my life.
The Great Hunter
My mama never really liked cats till me and my brother showed up.Now she's hooked. I do a great job keeping down the  baby groundhogs,voles, mice and birds.(I've also caught a few woodpeckers) Mama and Unkie Jay don't like that one too much. Every night mama fixes me hot food with gravy and calls me her Wolfers.  She's alright. I kinda like her alot. Well peace out I've got some hunting to do :) 

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