Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Yesterday my man and I went on a little road trip.
 I wanted to go for a ride to find some berries and veggies . I have the canning bug.
Plus he is off for a few days for the holiday and I wanted out of the house. :)
It was a beautiful day for a ride. We drove to a place called The Round Barn. It was really cool. You would have thought I would have taken pictures of it ,but these guys stole my heart. I just love animals and can't wait till I can have my very own goat and donkey.
One day!
This guy was so cute. He had a goatee just like my man. His was white too. My man says the white in his goatee is paint.he he
 I did not find any good berries on our road trip today. But I did find some ginger root Faye! 
Maybe I will have better luck today I need to make some more jam.
Happy Happy Joy Joy It's Saturday Friends!

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  1. I like road trips like that. :) Have a great rest of the week!

  2. hoomaikai, 'ike i ka loa Fun, a he nani nō, hopefully pono
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